Wipe Clean

Clean Cut & Cool

Do you value the immediate satisfaction of wiping that mess off your shoes?

Our perfectly placed waterproof coating allows the most breathability while offering all the perks of wiping down. Keep these cool looking kicks so fresh and so clean all in a days (or nights) work.


Support at it's Finest

What matters most about your shoes is that you feel supported, your long term health depends on it. We have THE MOST comfort features built into our insole than any other sneaker on the market.

Slip Resistant

Your Safety Matters

Vibram® innovation lab created the highest performing slip-resistance on the market for wet and dry surfaces

Wipe Clean

Long Lasting Materials

Wipe clean and DURABLE. You're wiping your shoes clean with some high grade sanitizing wipes. In turn, we thought we would use a high grade coating to make sure those wipes don't breakdown the material of the shoes. Our industrial coating is the same used on motorcycle boots with maximum abrasion resistance.

Looking for a stretch knit option?